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Everything Andrea provides her clients is specific to the needs of the company and the customer she is serving. She offers comprehensive business and personal planning to all of he business owner professionals and offer tax favored solutions and strive to install the most suitable executive bonus plans and qualified retirement planning possible.

Employer Sponsored Qualified Planning – 401(k), Defined Benefit plans, Profit Sharing, Simple IRAs, SEP IRAs
Can you count on your savings being there when you retire and throughout your retirement? Because Social Security is ‘supplemental retirement’ and may not even be there when YOU need it, create your own retirement nest egg. Don’t leave the IRS’s gift of tax savings on the table; instead take advantage of one of the many qualified pension plans they’ve created. You can either give the money to Uncle Sam or save it for your retirement. She offer's extraordinary service from design to implementation and ongoing follow up and educational programs for participants and employers.

You can count on Andrea to help you with the following:

  • Assist you in creating the appropriate retirement program for your business, customized to your most specific needs.
  • Finding the most cost effective plan coupled with excellent customer service from any of the top insurance and/or investment companies in the country.
  • Educate you and your staff and assist in understanding how the market works and what is the right investment for them.
  • Enrollment and educational meetings twice a year, at minimum.
  • The ability for your employees to call and speak to us anytime they have any questions about their retirement account.
  • Having the management of your plan be as stress free to you as possible.
  • Ongoing design reviews and annual review meetings.

Guaranteed Retirement Income – if you weren’t already a believer in guaranteed income for retirement then this current market should really illustrate the importance. There are annuities that will guarantee your principal and your accumulation for a guaranteed income withdrawal benefit. Guaranteed retirement income programs are also available in retirement plan programs like 401k’s, Defined Benefit plans, etc.

“Guarantees extend to the claims paying ability of the issuer.”

We do not offer tax or legal advice. You should consult your individual tax or legal professional regarding your individual circumstances.

Executive Bonus Plan - Andrea can provide an executive bonus package that can help create employment retention from your key employees in a tax deductible manner or she can provide exciting bonus packages that don’t offer ‘golden handcuffs’ and allow for more flexibility for a key employee or owner of the company. These types of programs offer tax deferred accumulation and tax free withdrawal when created and managed properly.

An example from one of her clients: $50,000 a year is being put into an executive bonus plan and life insurance policy* for 18 years (client is 47 and paying to age 65), From ages 66-85 at today’s conservative dividend rates and non guaranteed assumptions, she will be able to withdraw $105,000 a year totaling for 20 years $2,100,000 tax free. There is still cash available and a death benefit available. This program can be customized to each client’s need and ability to pay.

For demonstration purposes only.
Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

*Life insurance has fees and expenses as part of the product structure as well as surrender penalties for canceling early. Lapsing the policy after taking income could result in income tax expense if withdrawals exceed premiums.